These photographs are ones that I found in my mums old shoe boxes. I am now using them as my archives and I plan to print them out as postcards.

These photographs below are from body identification. One of my mums friends gave me these photographs. Every year in Bosnia another mass grave is found, some bodies are found like this and some could be just a few bones. My mums friend went back to Bosnia to see the remains of his dad, he said he knew it was his dad straight away as he still had his moustache.


Make Art Not War Designs

I started making some designs on photoshop to link the visual communication and photography pathways as I plan to do both during university. I wanted my designs to have meanings to them which all relate, so I found news articles and cut bits out to layer my images.

untitled-2 copy


The photographs above are the very few photos I was able to get when I approached my mum about this project, one man in the photo is my uncle, unfortunately he didn’t make it out of the concentration camp in Bosnia. I edited my uncle to be black and white for the viewer to notice he is no longer with us.


I projected my images onto a piece of muslin. These photographs were a practice test to get a vivid idea of how I want my work to look. By doing this it has confirmed my idea and my next job is to cut a bigger piece of muslin to fit my photographs and continue with my idea.

The last images are of my photographs printed on acetate and placed it in front of the projector light. I didn’t like the quality of the image when it was printed and the way it looked after I took the picture so I wouldn’t expand on that idea.

Artist Reference

Simon Norfolk


Mirsad Solakovic – War Child from Bosnia




Newspaper articles