These are my initial photographs I took. I found some clear plastic and created the shape of a sweet wrapper. Ps I didn’t forget to put breathing holes in!

Here I added different lighting effects to my photographs.


After taking my photographs I took my time trying to come up with ideas and think about why I chose to do these.

I took photos of pages in my sketchbook of my own sweet wrapper drawings and the pages of used wrappers. Shown below.

I used PhotoshopMix to create these images. This way of editing allows you to add however many images you want then gives you multiple ways of blending them together.




Me and a few others volunteered to take part in helping out at the Bureau. As a small group we removed previous work from the walls to put up the new work. With nails, hammer, bulldog clips and a spirit level we levelled and worked out where the new pictures should be placed around the Bureaux. Personally I think we did a good job with having no experience doing that before.



Another time we helped out at the Bureaux, we worked with an artist and helped him put up his work. We also went again when his work was about to be viewed, to go around and help present his work to these visitors.



Mark Making

We began to create mark makings as a quick starter, we had to think of as many ways marks could be made. As a group we then put down our work together and spoke about them and which ones we like or which marks we didn’t think of.

After these quick mark makings we were told to draw 3 boxes and inside make more marks that are the same but go light, medium then dark. We did this a few times and in the final set of boxes we included 1 single colour.

We were also given a small piece of cardboard and paint to create more mark makings. This process of mark making was making us think and use our imaginations and to step out the box or our comfort zones. There are many ways or mark making we don’t tend to use but after this roundabout we always went back to the Fine Art roundabout when struggling to find new ideas.


Textiles was my least favourite roundabout. We experimented with ink, bleach, salt, fabric and wax to create different effects.

With the wax crayons you start off by drawing then using the inks on top, this would leave out the wax outline visible by the ink. The bleach made interesting effects after being placed over the inks, it removed the ink in places it was put.


I also used the heat gun to create this pieces above. I used 2 big sweet bags and added some wrappers inside the burnt holes what were made with the heat gun.


The Media Roundabout was a very fun roundabout. I loved the idea that it was almost as if we were on a real life set, making our set, directing our cameramen, talking though headsets.

For my film I started off playing around with the lighting. I wanted my lighting to collaborate with my word. I used red and green light gels to cover certain lights, I loved this effect as it reminded me off the plastic coloured wrappers you get in the Quality Street boxes.

We were shown how to use the cameras, and how to change screens when recording and transition effects.

I found this roundabout exciting because it was something I have never done before and by being in charge and giving instructions really made me step out my comfort zone and have fun with it.


I was overly excited about doing the Photography Roundabout because thats the roundabout I feel like I belong on.

Even though I have done photography in the past there is a lot of things I never tried and a lot of things I don’t even know about photography. I have never been in a darkroom before I have only ever seen scenes in a darkroom while watching films and have always had the desire to try that out myself one day and the day came very fast.

Before any practical work we had a short tutorial and were introduced to Google Classroom, using this we are able to watch tutorials on different ways of creating photographs without a camera and with a camera.

I really enjoyed making Cyanotypes (above) I found them a much more creative way of making a photograph.

I photocopied 2 pieces of art work on to acetate from my sketchbook and layer them together because that what I wanted my image to be. Firstly you cover your sheet of paper with a mix of solution 1 and solution 2 then you use a hairdryer to completely dry it. After it is dry I then placed my artwork on top and put it faced down on the UV light (tanning bed) for around 30 minutes. After that you give it a wash and you can see the excess solution wash off and then you have your Cyanotype.

The pictures above are called Photograms and these are done in the darkroom. We used photosensitive paper (which I didnt get a picture of due to any sort of unwanted light can ‘stain’ the paper before putting it to use) and placed my sweet wrappers on top. After being happy with the way I placed them the next step is to set the light timer, depending on how dark or light you want your image to show up the less or more light time you put on will make that happen. When the light has shown down you then take the photo paper into the developers, also depending on how you want your image to be show you can pull out your image when you are happy with how it looks or you can leave it in longer which I did and got the outcomes below.


Another one of my favourite roundabouts. We started off being shown all the different types of work you can do during visual communication, it has a wide range of things you can practically take in whichever direction you wanted to go.

We were then given a task, the task was to create the words BOLD, PLAYFUL, ORDER and INCREASE with only 4 boxes. This task got harder as there was less boxes to fill.

We then had another task, we had a list of words to chose from to create the word itself. For example EXPLODE I wrote the word but made the letter X look as if it had exploded. Another example DELETE I copied the keyboard delete button but without the letter E as if it has been deleted.

For the rest of the day we got a bigger sheet with more boxes, within these boxes we had to show our word in a number of different ideas, again this was useful as it made us think harder and create more ideas on how to get our word across. I drew Winnie The Pooh with a honey tub as the meaning of sweet is ‘having the pleasant taste characteristic of sugar or honey’. I also drew a Ghost and a Witches hat with a picture of a witch and a broom to give the idea of Halloween.