At the very start of our course, we were put into groups and chose a word out of an envelope. our word was Lettrism.

After researching Lettrism we began to understand the meaning of our word. A French avant-garde movement established in Paris, by a Romanian immigrant, Isidore Isou. The work is applied in all areas of art and culture, notably in poetry, film, painting and political theory.

These are some images that came up when researching Lettrsim and where we got our inspiration from.

We found a short video from the movement which had 3 Romanian immigrants trying to create new sounds and letters.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZayMaC4RLo

We individually collected bits and bobs and came up with our own ideas then talked about each idea and collaborated to make our piece. We wanted to include the founders and the men in the video we found. img_7420

We got hands on an old potato sack which caught our eyes are it already had writing on it which was perfect for our project. We individually created our own little pieces that we wanted to put on the sack. I found some wood letters at home which I used to stamp, print, stick and hang on our piece.

This is what we created at the end. All of our pieces came together and fit perfectly like a jigsaw. IMG_1872.jpg


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