The Fraction

One of my peers decided to make an exhibition about Mental Health.

She asks everyone on the course to help and be involved by including our own work in her exhibition. As I am a photography student I took a series of photos showing hidden emotion and to show certain feelings can be hidden with a simple smile.




Unit 2

Mirsad Solakovic – War Child from Bosnia
Unit 1 

UCAS and Portfolio

Personal Statement

Whilst studying in high school we had the opportunity to collaborate with the Ideas Foundation and IAmCreative, they set us the live brief of a marketing project in which we had to work as a team  to a confined timeframe, to produce an advertisement for Barclays. After winning the project our group was invited to attend multiple workshops and tutorials in both London and Manchester, where more live briefs were set. My group was successful in winning again, against three university groups and as a result we were selected to be put on The Ladder, a scheme set up by BBH advertising agency which puts you in the position in the future to have employment with the company. It was during this process that I discovered that I was good at design, and realised it was something I would like to pursue as a career path.
Through my A Level choices I confirmed this, and began looking into the next steps to become a part of the creative industries. I extended my work into photography and graphics, subjects I had previously never studied before, built my confidence, and broadened my skill set. Through my photography work I began taking photographs and visually documenting places I have been and experiences I have had that include, recording countries including Istanbul, Holland, Bosnia and the USA. This is where I began to find critical inspiration for my work. For component two of the photography A Level I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and stepped away from architecture, buildings and landscapes, and began to photograph singers and artists at their concerts. To do this I had to develop confidence and initiative, and began by emailing the artists managers, and sometimes the artists themselves. Throughout the process I made contacts with other photographers around Manchester and although the project is now over, I am still in contact with these people and continue to work collaboratively with artists and other photographers at concerts and events, with some of my photography featuring on rapper Not3s and Manchester band Plastic House’s social media pages.
At present I am at Blackburn College on the UAL Art and Design Foundation course. I made the decision to take a year out of the traditional route of education to forward my creative skills and thinking. On the course I have enjoyed exploring a range of disciplines such as fine art, photography, visual communications, textiles and media, all of which have given me new skills which can be applied to my current Graphics work. The course has also taught me to approach projects in a different way, allowing me to be more creative and open to experimenting. For the current Unit 2 project, ‘Make Art, Not War’ I am investigating the Bosnian genocide of 1992. This is a topic personal to me as my mother originated from Bosnia and were subsequently victims of the awful crimes that were committed there. Using all of the knowledge I gathered from the experimental Unit 1 project, I am now working towards developing mixed media responses to what happened at the time, both trying to raise awareness of the events as well as questioning why for so long it is an unspoken and unheard of occurrence. Not only is my work influenced by my own personal experiences and interests but also by working artists such as Boltanski, a French mixed media artist who uses both sculpture and photography to display and publicise social/political events.
Outside of college I work for a local printing company in Bolton, Sircus Print, where I design, cut and print onto garments. This job has given me a taste of what it is like to work in the creative industry, and taught me valuable skills which can be applied to my degree and employment after my degree. My work has also been exhibited recently at Bolton University and at an art gallery in Blackburn. At the same gallery my work has just been exhibited at I helped an artist curate a space for his work, where I had to prepare the gallery space, hang the work and invigilate once the exhibition was open to the public. I also took part in a charity auction event where one of my pieces was sold, with the contributions going to The Brain Tumour Charity. Alongside this I have been back to my old high school to give talks about my progression and help younger students make decisions on their future choices.
Although I thoroughly enjoy working with Sircus Print, I feel that the opportunity to study at degree level would benefit me more in my creative journey. I am eager to learn more and develop new skills which the Graphic Design degree will provide me with. After taking a year to discover what it is, I want to study at university, I am now driven and dedicated to become a part of the creative industry and after my degree hope to continue working within the field, extending my practice into either graphics, photography or a practice that embraces both.
University Choices
Manchester Met – Graphic Design
Manchester Met – Photography
Salford Uni – Graphic Design – 17th January Interview – Conditional Offer
Salford Uni – Photography –  17th January Interview – Conditional Offer
Digital Portfolio


These photographs are ones that I found in my mums old shoe boxes. I am now using them as my archives and I plan to print them out as postcards.

These photographs below are from body identification. One of my mums friends gave me these photographs. Every year in Bosnia another mass grave is found, some bodies are found like this and some could be just a few bones. My mums friend went back to Bosnia to see the remains of his dad, he said he knew it was his dad straight away as he still had his moustache.

Make Art Not War Designs

I started making some designs on photoshop to link the visual communication and photography pathways as I plan to do both during university. I wanted my designs to have meanings to them which all relate, so I found news articles and cut bits out to layer my images.

untitled-2 copy


The photographs above are the very few photos I was able to get when I approached my mum about this project, one man in the photo is my uncle, unfortunately he didn’t make it out of the concentration camp in Bosnia. I edited my uncle to be black and white for the viewer to notice he is no longer with us.


I projected my images onto a piece of muslin. These photographs were a practice test to get a vivid idea of how I want my work to look. By doing this it has confirmed my idea and my next job is to cut a bigger piece of muslin to fit my photographs and continue with my idea.

The last images are of my photographs printed on acetate and placed it in front of the projector light. I didn’t like the quality of the image when it was printed and the way it looked after I took the picture so I wouldn’t expand on that idea.