Mark Making









Practical Work

Comic Storyboard Workshop

Scale Workshop

Free Drawing

First we got in pairs with someone who didn’t know our ‘word’ and we wrote other words that link to our word but tried not to be so obvious to make it difficult for our partner to guess the word.

Blind Drawings

Drawing – continuos line and then drawing with my left hand



Scratch Film

We weekly have little workshops where the whole group work together on a new project. One of our first workshops was a Scratch Film, our media teacher explained and showed us one of the very first videos ever created and how different they were made back in those days. The video we were shown by The Mitchell & Kenyon film company was a pioneer of early commercial motion pictures based in Blackburn in Lancashire, England at the start of the 20th centurion was in black and white and of some kids walking in line during school time. He also showed us scratch films that started to include colour and our project was to create our own scratch film.

The drawings I did on my part of the film was the Egyptian Eye and Egyptian writing I saw and took pictures of the previous day at the museum.

This is a screenshot from our scratch film when my part came on.


At the very start of our course, we were put into groups and chose a word out of an envelope. our word was Lettrism.

After researching Lettrism we began to understand the meaning of our word. A French avant-garde movement established in Paris, by a Romanian immigrant, Isidore Isou. The work is applied in all areas of art and culture, notably in poetry, film, painting and political theory.

These are some images that came up when researching Lettrsim and where we got our inspiration from.

We found a short video from the movement which had 3 Romanian immigrants trying to create new sounds and letters.

We individually collected bits and bobs and came up with our own ideas then talked about each idea and collaborated to make our piece. We wanted to include the founders and the men in the video we found. img_7420

We got hands on an old potato sack which caught our eyes are it already had writing on it which was perfect for our project. We individually created our own little pieces that we wanted to put on the sack. I found some wood letters at home which I used to stamp, print, stick and hang on our piece.

This is what we created at the end. All of our pieces came together and fit perfectly like a jigsaw. IMG_1872.jpg